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Success comes through our comprehensive support concept

Included in your membership
4 personal training sessions
2 fitness checks using modern diagnostic techniques

This improves your chance of success and helps you to enjoy your training


  • Up to date endurance machines with integrated TV
  • Functional strength machines
  • Fle-xx muscle training
  • cable weight and free weight training area
  • 1 TRX and 2 aeroslings
  • over 30sqm area for free exercise and coordination training
  • various small equipment

The whole training area is constantly supervised by a personal trainer who will always support you to get the most out of your training.


The medically recommended back exercises from fle-xx target a wider audience. The "Ruckgrat Center" has 25 years of experience in development and has revolutionised the concept of machines especially in the area of back pain.

People today move too little and sit too long. This causes muscles to shorten giving rise to pain in the back and joints.

The fle-xx training circuit systematically trains the muscles to lengthen. All relevant muscle groups work together and provide an holistic approach to the relief of back pain. Regular training without a long break quickly brings results. Active muscle stretching is an important step forward to an active pain free life.


Something for everyone.

Join your favourite class at anytime. We offer a flexible and variable arrangement of classes to suit everyone.

From classical  such as  Yoga; BBP;  BodyPump; Cycling and Back strengthening gymnastics to the more modern trends such as TRX suspension training;  CXworx  and Zumba.

Our highly qualified group fitness instructors  support and motivate you throughout so you can enjoy your class. These classes have a huge effect on everyday life, helping to  improve your strength and energy, your flexibility and stability.



Body Analysis starts you off on the right path to fitness.
We use modern techniques and a trained eye:

  • Aeroscan metabolism analysis where your breathing tells us how your body is working.
  • Bio impendanalysis with the Inbody 570
  • Flexibility and strength tests
  • Functional movement screening


Do an aeroscan test to start an optimal training from day one. What are the benefits, why do it and how does it work?

  • Goal orientated efficient cardiovascular training
  • Lose weight healthily
  • Stay fit
  • Reach your sporting Goal

When you know where you stand and where you want to be regarding your health and fitness then we can point you in the right direction with an individual training goal. The aeroscan test shows precisely your present fitness level and your personal performance capability.

The test takes between 10 and 20 minutes.
You will train on a cardio machine of your choice using moderate resistance and an increasing speed. During the training you breath through a small mouthpiece. The respiratory gases are analysed by a computer and show exactly how your metabolism reacts through varying levels of intensity. We can then recommend an optimal programme to fit your time frame and training goal.


You have your progress in front of you in black and white.

Using the most modern techniques we can analyse 4 body components: Water, Protein, Minerals and Fat.
Know your bodyfat %, your intercellular water, your body water ratio and also your areas of weakness.
We can compare your arms legs and torso so that differences and imbalances can be seen and worked on.
2 measurements a year are included in your membership so you receive a detailed report of your body composition. This gives us information on your health and enables us to plan a goal orientated health and fitness programme.


Activate your potential.
Whether it be indoors, outdoors, in the areas of activity, nutrition or relaxation we support and encourage you in your choices.


  • Screening to determine the actual level of your health and fitness.
  • Goal orientated strength, cardio and mobility training
  • Functional training
  • Fascial training
  • Nutrition Guidance
  • Relaxation training

Our personal trainers have many years of experience and have up to date knowledge. They understand which training method will best benefit you to obtain maximum results. All have expertise in a specific field and will give themselves fully to your well being. You can choose which trainer best fits your needs.

Personal training: Make every minute count!

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